Neil Cole

Neil Cole is an experienced church planter, author, artist, and pastor, as well as a former ocean lifeguard for Los Angeles County beaches. He is recognized as a key catalyst in the organic church movement and is founder of Church Multiplication Associates (CMA), which has helped to start thousands of churches in fifty states and more than fifty nations.

Neil is also an international speaker and has authored over 13 books including Organic Church, Cultivating a Life for God, TruthQuest, Search and Rescue, Organic Leadership, Church 3.0, Journeys to Significance, and Primal Fire, One Thing, and most recently Rising Tides. He has also coauthored Church Transfusion (with Phil Helfer), Raising Leaders for the Harvest and Beyond Church Planting (with Dr. Robert Logan), and Organic Church Planters’ Greenhouse (with Paul Kaak).

Neil would rather be known for instigating radical discipleship and created a discipleship tool known as Life Transformation Groups (LTG); which is making and multiplying disciples all over the globe.

Neil has a bachelor’s degree in fine art from California State University Long Beach and a master’s of divinity from Grace Theological Seminary.

He lives in Long Beach, California with his wife Dana, and together they have three children and three grandchildren.

A message from Strategist, Movement Leader & Author Neil Cole…

Starling Initiatives is a global collective of Christ-followers unbound by institutional walls or religious restraints. Our mission is to catalyze kingdom movements by helping people develop micro communities with a simple idea: “listen to Jesus and do what He says.” We’re not inviting you to join a movement but rather to connect with like-minded people and fulfill the mission Jesus has given to you… watch the video for the backstory on this initiative…